Products & Solutions


Banzan specialized products, ranging from adhesive resins to advanced composite piping technologies, have been broadly applied to municipal and construction works, household appliance and packaging, mines and oil fields, etc.

Our specialized adhesive resins have been internationally recognized and widely used in many well-known projects including West-East natural gas transmission projects, Tianjin Binhai New District Project, South-North Water Transfer Project, Chunxiao gas field of the East China Sea, Shenzhen Subway, Beijing Olympics Project, China-Kazakhstan Oil Pipeline Project and the Submarine Optical Fiber Cable System in the East China Sea.

Being seamlessly applied in maximum caliber F2200 steel reinforced PE drain pipe and maximum caliber F630 spoolable steel reinforced PE pipe by steel wire and jacket pipe of submarine optical fiber cable, Banzan specialized adhesive resins have substituted for similar imported products with competitive cost and high performance. Banzan has become China’s largest supplier of adhesive materials and advanced composite pipes.

Banzan can provide various modified high-performance engineering plastics based on clients’ requirement. Besides the 6 developed types (more than one hundred variants) of PA66, PA6, PP, PBT and ABS, we have recently developed more variant materials,such as  PPO/PA6 alloy, PC/PBT alloy, and PA/ABS alloy ect.

Banzan specialized adhesive resins include but not limited to the following:

    For Composite Pipe

  • Adhesive Resin for Steel Mesh Reinforced PE Composite Pipe
  • Adhesive Resin for Plastic Lined Steel Pipe
  • Adhesive Resin for Aluminum Plastic Compound Pipe
  • Adhesive Resin for Aluminum Plastic PPR Steady-State Pipe
  • Adhesive Resin for Steel Reinforced PE Spiral Corrugated Pipe
  • Adhesive Resin for Anticorrosion Steel Pipe
  • Adhesive Resin for Steel Plastic Compound Pipe

    For Composite Boards

  • Adhesive Resin for Polymeric Membrane of Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel
  • Adhesive Resin for Aluminum Honeycomb Panel
  • Adhesive Resin for Stainless Steel Plastic Composite Board

    For Composite Films

  • Adhesive Resin for Industrial Packaging Film
  • Adhesive Resin for Composite Container


Banzan also provides professional inspection and testing service with customized solutions to meet the needs of our client. With efficient operation and high performance.

Advanced Composite Piping

Utilizing the advanced thermoplastic composite technology, we have created an “engineered solution”to the pipeline industry. As the first true engineered spooled thermoplastic composite line pipe for the oil and gas industry, We’ve found the answer to energy industry challenges at a highly competitive cost.

Our pipe eliminates the problems commonly associated with reinforced thermoplastic pipe and fiberglass, while still maintaining and even exceeding the expectations of owners, operators, and contractors. The solution not only reduces the overall cost of installation and ownership, but increases efficiency of installations while still using traditional methods. This true engineered thermoplastic composite using proprietary materials and manufacturing processes allows both design and off-the-shelf solutions for specific applications.

Banzan’s goal is to elevate the non-metallic pipe industry to an entire new level of reliability and performance.

Intelligent Pipe Network

By collaborating with MIT, Banzan has successfully integrated patent-protected hardware, wireless data transmission and software services. Our core technical team brings tens of years of expertise in pipe network hydraulic analysis, software systems and embedded sensing, and has complemented it with pipeline operations, hydromechanics computing, sensor technology, wireless data transmission, large data technology, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and software services to support pipe network operators in better monitoring their infrastructure and optimizing their operations via pre-alarm detection.

Trenchless Technology

Banzan has been actively involved in collaborative efforts with industrial partners and academic institutions to ensure our most up-to-date insight into new technologies and innovations. Trenchless technology is one of our solutions to install and rehabilitate underground utility systems with minimal surface disruption or destruction resulting from excavation.

Being a member of the Trenchless Technology Center (TTC), we are able to access the most advanced technologies in the trenchless technology industry and to fulfill customer demand from both China and U. S. market.